Looking for a no-wax floor cleaner?

Do you have a “no-wax” floor? A “No-wax” floor is simply a vinyl floor with a clear, tough acrylic or urethane finish. “No-wax” is a bit of a misnomer; it may stay nice-looking for many years, but only under ideal conditions: no shoes, no kids, no big dogs, and no heavy traffic. That’s pretty tough to do, especially since no-wax floors are often installed in kitchens! If you have a no-wax floor, you’re probably looking for a long lasting no-wax floor cleaner.

The surface of a no-wax floor will, in fact, become scratched and dull over time. You can apply a floor polish after a thorough cleaning and rinsing to restore the shine, but this is more work than you probably wanted to do.

So what’s the best no-wax floor cleaner? First try just plain warm water. Avoid harsh cleaners because they remove not only the dirt and grime, but eventually the surface of the floor as well. Detergents will leave a film. For a more thorough cleaning, add vinegar to the water; vinegar is safe for no-wax vinyl floors, although not for hardwood or bamboo. Finally, you can try adding a small amount of dish liquid added to warm water.

After a cleaning of your no-wax floor with the best no-wax floor cleaner, Pro Shot® Floor Restorer will restore the shine with the least amount of work. Pro Shot® Floor Restorer restores the natural beauty of your floors in one easy application, and is UL-listed for slip resistance. Your no-wax floor’s shine will last months and months, and Pro Shot® Floor Restorer contains no petroleum, so it is safer for kids and pets.